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focUS on harcOURt - 'Photos of local people'

by: Carley Bauer, Thea McKenzie, Mark Stewart, Quinn Livingstone, Tara Simmons, Sharlene Dwyer & others.

Focus on Harcourt was a partnership between Castlemaine District Community Health (CHIRP) and Focus on Community. The purpose of the project was to support the delivery of health services information to people in and around Harcourt in the 18-28 age-group. Due to some significant changes in this predominantly farming community such as drought, the freeway bypass and some tragic events affecting this demographic, indications were that this age-group were not seeking available health service assistance.

About seven young people responded to the invitation to learn photography skills and their task was to gather a collection of photographs and accompanying stories from other Harcourt young people.

Fifteen people contributed to the project.

The result was an exceptional portrait exhibition accompanied by positive and engaging stories about living in and/or growing up in Harcourt. The participants have reminded us that the people and the community, as well as the local assets including the pool and fresh country environment, impact positively on young people.

Chirp is now delivering continued youth support to the Harcourt community following the success of this community engagement project.

Proudly sponsored by: Focus on Community, Castlemaine & District Community Health Centre (C.H.I.R.P.).

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