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Images Of Age Project - 'Results In A True Sense Of Self'
(Press Release)

An enthusiastic and motivated group of residents captured the life and times of the three small Mount Alexander Shire communities of Baringhup, Newstead and Maldon. As part of a photographic project called ‘Images of Age’, seniors in those communities were invited to participate in workshops to learn photographic skills with digital cameras, then set out to tell the story of the Seniors of their town. The aim was for photos to be taken of Seniors by Seniors.

The results are stunning and tell a story about landscape beauty and community resilience. The people in the photos are busy on their farms, volunteering, pottering in their sheds or active at work. And of course there is much socializing. The images, like the subjects and their stories, are poignant, amusing, quirky and tender.

You will be moved.

Project facilitator, Deanna Neville, said “the great thing about small rural communities like these is that they are so strong in character with intricate networks, you just have to whisper an idea and they are instantly there to help organize and lend their expertise.  I really appreciate the support and commitment of the photographers, opening their homes and running about getting things organized, as well as the local people who were happy to be in the photos and tell their own stories”.

The project participants from Baringhup were: Beth Roberts, Billy Wheat, Deirdre Palmer, Ian Pollard, Kathy Wheat, Lyn Miller and Shirley Window. Participants from Newstead were: Amanda Hoyne, Ann Bolton, Gail Leech, Jennie Grundie, Judy Munro, Margaret Harris, Maureen Crapper, Robyn White and Suzie Smith and from Maldon: Barb Smith, Elizabeth Laing, Janet Tough, Nancy Whittaker, Maxeen Ord, Shirley Little and Stephen Phillis.

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre were project partners of the Images of Age project, with funding from the Department of Community Planning and Development.

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