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One Voice, Many Faces - A Celebration Of Community Singing

A photographic study of community singing within the Mount Alexander Shire by five community based photographers: Cat Brennan, Deb Jacob, Deanna Neville, Davide Michelin, Christine Barcla. These images convey the spirit, energy and emotion of singing within a group, capture the essence of why people come together to sing & the context in which they do so.

Local singing groups (The Chat Warblers, The Acafellas, Pavarotti's Dog, Moonrockit, The Castlemaine Singers, The Blenders, Castlemaine Music Playgroup, Castlemaine Gospel Choir, St Mary's Catholic Church & Thompson House - Mt Alexander Hospital) were documented and exhibited at the Theatre Royal in conjunction with performances by The Choir Of Hard Knocks.

"I love connectedness within the community & singing is fantastic!" - Jo Bodno (The Blenders)

"Why do we do it?... Oh god darling, because we all love to sing!"
- Liz Elliott (The Castlemaine Singers)

"When you hear the rich harmonies together, all your endorphins kick in & you just can't beat that!"
- Phil Larwill (Pavarotti's Dog)

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